Trend single de profil löschen

durch  |  20-Jan-2017 13:27

Last year’s title was due in large part to a data-driven drafting model and heavy use of Tableau to explore the data.

Kennenlernen neue rechtschreibung duden - Trend single de profil löschen

As data-vizzers, we need to focus our user interface and user experience in a way that the greater population already understands.

With that in mind, I decided to develop this application using a collapsible-menu system that we see in many mobile apps.

Let’s take a look at wide receivers, for example: Antonio Brown was the top receiver in most scoring formats, and he will likely be a top three draft pick in most leagues.

I wouldn’t fault anyone for taking Brown with the top pick, but if you end up near the end of your draft order, consider Brandon Marshall.

After only a few minutes of searching, I found an NFL data API built for Python named nflgame.

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