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During the 1920 Kapp Putsch five workers were killed.

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The first written record of Naumburg dates from 1012, when it was mentioned as the new castle of the Ekkehardinger, the Margrave of Meissen.

It was founded at the crossing of two trade-routes, Via Regia and the Regensburg Road.

Both of the towers at the east end of the church are octagonal and have Baroque canopies.

The south-western spire was completed only in 1884; both western spires are closely modelled on the spires of the cathedrals of Laon and Bamberg. Its interior includes windows from the Middle Ages, as well as the famous 13th-century statues of the founders of the cathedral, Margrave Ekkehard and his wife Uta, along with other local nobles.

He was reelected in May 2014 with 53,95% of the votes.

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