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The last guardian of the priory, Hans Gaas, quickly accepted the Lutheran Ordinances and became the first Lutheran pastor of Our Lady's Church (Danish: Vor Frue Kirke) in Svendborg. The friars went to other Franciscan houses outside Denmark or returned to secular life.

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The buildings were blown up, the ground levelled and the site in the town centre redeveloped with houses and shops: some buildings used parts of the old friary walls as foundations.

The churchyard containing thousands of common and noble graves was cleared and the most recently buried bodies transferred to a cemetery a few streets away.

During the 15th century it expanded considerably, and the buildings were extended several times.

The main friary precinct of this period consisted of a rectangular enclosure containing a church, dormitory, refectory, and servants' quarters, as well as a cloister surrounding a central garden.

When Christian III's troops took Svenborg and the rest of Fynen in 1534, they pillaged the town and its churches.

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