Jon hamm dating show rejection

durch  |  16-Jan-2017 05:01

Hamm tried to impress Carter with his idea of the perfect date by suggesting, “Well, you start off with some fabulous food and then some fabulous conversation with a fabulous foot massage for an evening of total fabulousity.” And get this, Hamm wasn't just rejected once.

and got passed over by TWO different women on the show.

TMZ Live managed to track down Mary, one of the women from the show, who says she is aware Hamm went on to become famous ...

4 04 - Here's an episode of '90s dating show The Big Date , hosted by Mark L.

Walberg ( of Temptation Island fame) and featuring a young Jon Hamm .

but says she's never seen an episode of "Mad Men." What she was not aware of ...

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