Gocha dating lala cousin

durch  |  25-Apr-2016 01:16

She needs ideas for what they’ll present and Terry is appointed to lead the effort. Blige and begins the search for the missing Dontay whose whereabouts are unknown.He’s thrilled, but check out the looks on the faces of the others. I guess since Angela is gone, Lisa is gone and now Dontay is gone.There is a lot of trash and debris, but the space has good bones.

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Plus, I find it that Gocha is trying to find another reality show to put her claws in.

It didn't work the first time she appeared on RHOA and she is trying to make it happen on LA Hair on the WE Network.

Dineva coyly spills his own tea about his drug use. He names names when asking about who told Porsha Kandi's tea. All those videos from season past regarding Kenya was true as well. lol He said BOTH Porsha and Kandi was telling the truth but Porsha may have added more shit to some of her tea.

If Porsha heard this in the "streets" im sure someone else in the Atlanta blogsphere/streets would've gotten ahold to it and spilled it by now.

stop being lazy and push play *rolls eyes* weak ass cliffs: Dineva is pretty much saying what most logical people already know: 1. He also said that Kandi was probably fucking Shamea, so again Phae did not lie.

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