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Painted with a heavy touch that belies Johnsons technical expertise, these works seem restless, striving for a meaning beyond a likeness.

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They married and settled in Kerteminde, Denmark, a harbor town.

A number of the canvases here were painted in Kerteminde, including Fishing Boat, 1938, and Kerteminde Harbor, 1938.

Johnsons career traces a captivating course from his Afro-American origins in the rural south, through his cosmopolitan art education and embrace of European modernist innovations, and his final rejection of them in favor of a folk-art style.

This compelling show mainly focuses on expressionist canvases made in Europe and Johnsons later elemental figurative works.

In all my years of painting, I have had only one absorbing and inspired idea, and have worked toward it with unyielding zeal- to give, in simple and stark form- the story of the Negro as he has existed.

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