Dating bamberg

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Our International Dialing Code finder will help you find the dialing and area codes for a large selection of countries and cities.All exchange students are required to take a placement test prior to beginning their exchange studies.For organisational reasons, the International Office can only make you one room offer.

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You'll become a romantic feeling with the lights off and set aglow in candlelight.

The predominantly undamaged city center, with over 2,000 protected historical buildings and monuments on approximately 250 hectares of land, makes Bamberg one of the largest, interconnected medieval cities of Europe.

Students taking the course for credit must also give a presentation and either take an exam or write a final paper.

Here is a list of estimated monthly costs you can expect to pay during your stay in Bamberg, based on a monthly rent of approx. Please note that when you arrive, you will need an additional €500 for the deposit on your accommodation and your semester contribution fee.

You will receive a link to this test via e-mail in January (for the summer semester) or June (for the winter semester).

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