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Knowledge of English is widespread among residents of Lolland, particularly in the younger generations who have studied it at school since a young age.

However, due to being a predominantly rural region, Lolland is not as exposed to English language as those dwelling in the Danish cities.

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It is possible to get the most places by using these connections.

End stations include villages as Langø and Kragenæs, the latter with ferry connections to the small, relaxed islands of Fejø and Femø.

The easiest way to get around on Lolland is by using the local railway, Lollandsbanen, which connects the cities and major villages.

Stops are Nykøbing Falster, Øster Toreby, Grænge, Sakskøbing, Maribo, Ryde, Søllested, Avnede and finally Nakskov, and there is hourly departures from around 6.00 am to around 1.00 am.

The local railway "Lollandsbanen" connects Nakskov, Maribo and Sakskøbing with Nykøbing Falster on the mainline from Copenhagen to Hamburg.

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