Bekanntschaften ahlen søger kæreste Herlev

durch  |  02-Jul-2016 08:12

The hunt for witches started in 1574 with the death of four women.Thereafter, Peter Kleikamp was charged with being a werewolf; he was tortured and burned alive on the pyre.

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In 1616, Christian zum Loe was charged with wizardry; he went insane and died while in jail.

The last known case was in 1652 against Anna Sadelers; she was tortured, burned alive on the pyre and beheaded.

Ahlen is part of the larger Münster region, and of the historic Münsterland area.

The nearby villages of Dolberg, Vorhelm and Tönnishäuschen are part of Ahlen, as well.

The start of the settlement was likely due to there being a crossing over the river Werse, which was also the crossing of two key roads (Hamm–Ahlen–Warendorf and Beckum–Ahlen–Herbern), and the beginning of a third road (Ahlen–Münster).

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