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durch  |  11-May-2016 05:36

Not to sure if its of relevance to you, just thought names are similar so yeah.

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Peter Hansen Boysen, son of shoemaker Jrgen Boysen and Mette Kirstine, b. A bonus would be identifying his brother who went to the US in a similar time period.

Info says Denmark has 5.5 million people & New Zealand 4.3 million. Doug Marker (Sydney Australia) Many years ago whilst looking up records of Markers emigrating from Denmark, I was able to access an emigration database in Aalborg (I think). What I was hoping to locate was the entry for Peter Hansen Boisen who emigrated to New Zealand (I believe in 1871). If anyone can help locate that entry I would be very grateful.

The country is so small it is probably not to hard to find out.

What would now be interesting is to find out what family line (from Peter's Brothers & Sisters) still exists in Denmark - I would be willing to visit there to meet them.

Fußläufige Entfernung vom Busbahnhof (die Nebenstrecke vom IC-Bahnhof an der Hauptstrecke nach Aarhus ist eingestellt), der Bus fährt allerdings (fahrplanmäßig!!! Ebenso fußläufige Entfernung zum stark vergrößerten Museum (also: mindestens noch eine Übernachtung in diesem Hotel).

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